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The DC Collection comes to QDT


A rich and diverse Dinky and Corgi collection with the emphasis on rarity and variety – from short run promotional models, to two-tone cars, models for the South African market or unique examples that have come to light only recently.
An astonishing assemblage created in a relatively short time

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'Firsts for QDT' during 2015


Reflections on 2015 – another great year at QDT – and the sight of new models that we have never handled before.

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Dinky Commercials from The Reference Collection


An ‘encyclopaedic’ approach to collecting Dinky – from a collector of many years standing who has assembled a truly astonishing array of Dinky models as he endeavoured to catalogue the variations of each model as it alters during its production life.

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The MBU Collection


An important collection of high quality Corgi models is to be sold at QDT. This collection includes some extremely rare items, pre-production, colour trials, promotional and t.v. related models.
Here follows a fascinating article of the MBU collecting story written by the owner.

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The West London Corgi Collection


Notching up over forty years of dedicated collecting, the cream of this Corgi collection will be sold at QDT.

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Six Month Review!


Looking over some extraordinary sales from the first half of 2015 – QDT are firmly placed in the very top echelon of the diecast collecting world.

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The M.P. Diecast Collection from Switzerland


As QDT embark on the sale of this collection of the highest grade, here follows a quick preview and some words from the collector himself.

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