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Riding the crest of the wave with The Monty Calme Husky & Corgi Junior Collection


Part 2 of this world-class collection unearths some outstanding items including old shop stock finds in the U.S.
A remarkable and inspirational collection which continues to serve collectors with only the very best, so often the very rare, and at times, bringing to the market-place items that are close to unique!

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The Lewes Collection


A remarkable Corgi Collection – a homage to the best that Corgi produced during its heyday. This assemblage includes the highest quality T.V. and novelty items, Gift Sets, rare items, promotional pieces and Corgi prototypes featured in The Great Book of Corgi.

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The Rise of Husky & Junior models


Collectors’ appreciation of these often overlooked models is increasing. A fantastic array, courtesy of The Monty Calme Collection, comes to QDT and showcases the very best of this brand.

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Christmas has come a little early at QDT!


An unexpected find in a collector’s loft! An impressive array of Dinky Commercials and Continental models have come to QDT just in time for Christmas.

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Part 2 of The Exclusively Gerry Anderson Blog


More information on Gerry Anderson-inspired Dinky models by this dedicated collector.

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The Exclusively Gerry Anderson Collection


A dedicated Gerry Anderson collector brings his impressive collection to QDT. He has prepared the following article which contains pictures of his collection taken at his home in Australia.

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The Phillips Collection


We are fortunate that we receive emails at QDT from collectors when they are considering selling their collections. We were delighted to receive an email from a U.S. collector who had been good friends with Mike & Sue Richardson, authors of ‘The Great Book of Dinky Toys’. Back in the day, he gathered information about Dinky Toys U.S. issues and catalogues that assisted Mike & Sue Richardson with articles, particularly Sue’s comprehensive piece on the 39 Series in Model Collector magazine. He was acknowledged by them in ‘The Great Book of Dinky Toys’.
His collection promised to be an exciting one – and when we received images from him, it was a ‘hairs on the back of the neck’ moment for us!

Coming soon to QDT.
Here is his story.

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