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The Lake Collection from the U.S.


We were thrilled to make the acquaintance of this dedicated lifelong collector in the U.S.
“My collection comprises 3000 – 4000 (I lost count) vintage diecast models from many different manufacturers, dating from the early 1900’s to the 1970’s”.

The owner of this unique and remarkable collection would like to share his article with you.

We would be pleased to refer any comments to the owner.
We hope that you enjoy this article just as much as we did at QDT!

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'Exclusively Mini' Part 2 of The Old School Collection


The Mini Collection at QDT

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The Cumbrian Collection


A dedicated collector of Corgi and Dinky models brings his collection to QDT. A high quality collection of around 900 boxed models includes rare variations. Assembled over decades, this collection showcases the very best of both manufacturers. Many images in the article taken in situ by the owner.

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A magnificent Corgi Collection!


Marking Corgi’s 60th Anniversary, QDT embark on the sale of one of the highest quality collections we have ever handled. A large collection to be sold in two halves.
Here follow details of the first half ‘The Old School Collection’.

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A dedicated Collector marks Corgi's 60th Anniversary


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Corgi 238 Jaguar - highlight from Corgi released in 1962


Released during the September of a hugely successful year for Corgi (1962) – the innovative Corgi Jaguar model was issued in various colours for the next 5 years. We are indebted to a Corgi specialist who has prepared an absorbing account of this model and includes pictures of models showing colour variations from his own collection.

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The DC Collection comes to QDT


A rich and diverse Dinky and Corgi collection with the emphasis on rarity and variety – from short run promotional models, to two-tone cars, models for the South African market or unique examples that have come to light only recently.
An astonishing assemblage created in a relatively short time

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