Is it safe to send my payment details using your order form?

SSL secures your connection by fully encrypting data transferred to and from your server.
SSL verifies our legitimacy, by displaying a padlock icon in your browser.

Do you post all over the world?

Yes – we have customers all over the globe!

What postage method do you use?

UK Delivery

We use the Royal Mail for all deliveries, either by Recorded (for lower value items), or Special Delivery which gives insurance up to £2500.


We use a range of Royal Mail Services including International Signed For Service, Parcel Force (for very heavy, large parcels) and Datapost (for very high value).

How much will my postage & packing cost?

Our current prices are as follows:

b) from £9.50 for U.K. Special Delivery
c) from £15.50 for European Signed For

For larger items or multiple purchases – these are calculated per parcel. Please contact us if you wish to know your total before ordering.

When will I receive my model?

Typically, we post twice weekly on Mondays and Thursdays, although we can arrange for delivery on particular days at your special request.

How do you pack to ensure safe transit of fragile and valuable items?

We pride ourselves on packing extremely carefully – we want your model/models to arrive in the condition they left us! We use acid-free tissue, bubble wrap, polystyrene chips, and strong boxes! Where appropriate, models are packed separately to their individual boxes (aerials, figures, windscreens, cellophane-fronted boxes all necessitate being packed separately, as standard).
19 years of mail-order experience ensures safe transit of your purchases!

I have noticed that some items are marked as ‘Reserved’. What does this mean?

This is a service we offer customers. We appreciate that there are circumstances where reserving models can be helpful to our customers, and we are happy to comply.

A typical situation is:
Some customers purchase every month – they put models away for the following month each time. These are customers who spend substantial amounts each month so it helps them to budget. They simply send us an email to let us know which items they would like the following month and we mark them as reserved.

For large purchases, some customers prefer to pay over two or three months, the model is marked as reserved until the payment is complete.

How do I reserve a model?

Please contact us to discuss. A deposit of 10% is required from new customers.

Auctions at QDT

QDT Auctions are used for unusual and rare models. These run differently to auctions you may have encountered on other sites. Please visit our dedicated auctions FAQ page by clicking on this text

How do I take care of my Dinky/Corgi Toy?

Here are some tips for maintaining the condition of your Dinky or Corgi model.

Please do store away from direct sunlight. Artificial light is fine, although being very close to a light source e.g. lighting within a cabinet is not recommended.
Please do open boxes carefully without bending the end flaps right back – this can cause wear at the seam and reduce the spring and crispness of the end flaps. The fewer times the box is opened and closed the better!
Please do remember to turn the wheels every so often. Very long periods in one position may cause tyre flat spots.
Cars/models with wheel suspension – it may be worth supporting the mid-section of the base. This may help to reduce the (slim) chance of the suspension breaking. We have seen collectors use small (clear if possible) Lego pieces or similar to good effect!
Any working features of your model should not be used on a frequent basis if you can resist it!
Wearing cotton gloves when handling toys and models can prevent fingerprints and grubbiness transfer.
Please do bear in mind that strong smells e.g. tobacco smoke, cooking smells can transfer to boxes and even models and can reduce the resale value.
Significant temperature changes are not recommended and especially to be avoided for very early (pre-war) Dinky models due to the instability of the alloys. The worst place for models to be stored is within a loft where temperature changes can be more marked. Obviously, a damp atmosphere increases the chances of paint and box deterioration.
Latest tip added by a collector:
Models should not be displayed in closed or opened wood casings with a paint, varnish or wax finish. The vapour will corrode/damage all chrome, zinc and unprotected metal parts of the pieces. As a young boy I made that daunting discovery!

If you have any tips you would like to share with other collectors , please let us know!