Nicky Toys 054 Standard Herald

Standard Herald MKII by Nicky/Dinky Toys 054. Near mint plus/boxed. Scarce in SAFFRON YELLOW. From A Phenomenal Collection. Starting bid £300. Please note that QDT apply 12.5% buyer's commission.

This item is sold.


Sought after models that are so difficult to find in good condition! Dinky dies were sold to the Indian Firm S. Kumar & Co. trading as Atamco. (1968-70). Often known as Indian-Dinky toys, the finish was poor in comparison.

A close to mint, example finished in deep yellow, with original silver details, off-white interior, black steering wheel, and intact window glazing. One-piece tyres and wheels with shiny silver wheel detail.



Shiny black base with ’DINKY TOYS", product name and Indian Licensee details visible.
Close inspection finds a couple of little touch-ins and there are a few little marks to the paint finish too.
The colourful correct box (ATAMCO P LTD. Calcutta) is complete and clean. A very good example of this type of box. Happily free of the heavy tears that plague these comparatively flimsy boxes. Crisp feel. Very light wear only.