Dinky Gift Set 42

Dinky Gift Set 42 Police Hut, Motor Cycle Patrol and Policemen. Excellent plus - near mint/boxed. Pre-war very scarce set. From The Island Collection.

Dinky gift set 42 police motorcycle x357

Price: £395.00



A scarce and early Gift Set from Dinky with great nostalgic British appeal! A rare find.
It comprises:

1) Dinky 42A Police Box – often these early models suffer from fatigue due to the instability of the alloys. This example has minor crazing with no parts missing. Stable. A light peppering of very small marks and a little ‘blooming’ to the paint in a few places. Cream paint on the top section.

2) Dinky 42B Motorcycle Patrol in honest, original condition with wear to the paint finish in places commensurate with age. Clean, undamaged, original, white, solid rubber wheels. Nearly always split, or at best very grubby, these are a welcome sight!

3) Dinky 42C Point Duty Policeman in a white coat. Close to mint condition with a few small marks only.

4) Dinky 42D Point Duty Policeman in a blue uniform. Another glossy, close to mint model.

*Inner carded tray is fresh, bright and clean with no loss of colour vibrancy. A wonderful London scene backdrop for these items.
Remarkably, no tear, not even at the slots. repairs. splits. Minor wear including rubbing at some edges and the occasional grubby mark. Very small seam split.