Spot-on 101

Spot-on 101 Armstrong Siddeley 236. DEEP Sky Blue issue with RED interior. Very near mint/boxed. With Membership Slip. From A Phenomenal Collection at QDT. Starting bid £250. Please note that QDT apply 12.5% buyer's commission.

Spot on 101 armstrong siddeley x291

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Issued in 1959, this Armstrong Siddeley model has an attractive deep sky blue finish, red interior, an intact bonnet emblem, one-piece wheels (protruding central section) and tyres.
An eye-catching example in this colour finish:

Deep grey base:

In very close to mint condition.
For comparison only, please note the deeper colour shade of this model on the right when compared to the lighter sky blue version from this collector:

The box is complete and deeply-coloured showing light wear save for tearing to the tuck-in section of one large end flap. Comes with the Membership Slip: