Full Trade Box of Dinky 12c/750 Telephone Call Boxes. Near mint-very near mint/boxed, with original dividers. From The HNC Collection.

Price: £180.00

This item is sold.


Fast disappearing from our British streets (and those that remain look less than inviting), these telephone boxes have a particular nostalgic appeal.
Six little gems that look smart in vivid red and silver finish:


You can find the occasional small mark and all have an unfaded red finish. Note that one telephone box has one of the silver faces overpainted now and so does not show any of the red frames on this side. Occasional stray flick of silver too. A few small marks to the paint finish – generally very close to mint.
The dual-numbered, yellow lift-off lid box is bright and sturdy with no splits. Trace of the old tape which kept the lid closed.
Shopkeeper’s old price of 1/3 each is penned and scribbled out on the lid. Staples are shiny. All the original dividers are present and intact!


Great piece of British and Dinky history from 1954.

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