Corgi Toys 267 Batmobile

Batman's Batmobile by Corgi Toys, No. 267. Very near mint/boxed. Most sought-after 1st issue, correct without tow hook. With UNOPENED Secret Instruction Packet. PACKING. From The Woodside Collection.

Corgi toys 267 batmobile ee157 front

Price: £750.00

This item is no longer for sale, price for reference only.


Looks like old shop stock. This early issue, gloss black Batmobile has such an attractive high gloss finish. Bright chrome at cockpit and launch tubes. Intact blue tinted glass. Intact aerial. Bright bat logos on the wheels, bright gold surround, and complete and bright Bat logos at both sides of the Batmobile. Suspension on three wheels. Fine original tyres.
In stunning, very close to mint condition!

Corgi toys 267 batmobile ee157 back

Corgi toys 267 batmobile ee157 base

Occasional tiny mark to the paint finish.
All functions operate well; chain cutter, rocket launcher and pulsating flame.
Inner card plinth is crisp, bright, fresh and clean showing absolutely minimal handling. The atmospheric artwork is a delight. Barely any wear at all. As-new silky feel. Small scuff. No wheel slot tears.

Corgi toys 267 batmobile ee157 box

The Secret Instruction Packet has never been opened (not opened and then later re-sealed) and so inside will be the Secret Instructions, cloth badge (so often missing), and a sprue of missiles. Fresh, clean and uncrumpled. Remarkable as-new feel.

The outer box presents well with lots of vivid atmospheric artwork. Crisp and strongly-coloured – again showing minimal handling. A little ‘foxing’ mostly to an end flap.
Notably, original card packing pieces are still present i.e. the card packing which sides in to the plinth, the wrap-around card packing piece and the card ring.

Corgi toys 267 batmobile ee157 box face

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