Corgi Toys 267 Batmobile

Batmobile by Corgi Toys, No. 3267 . Blue screens. 12-spoke narrow whizzwheel issue. Full sprue of original missiles.Very near mint (lacks rear suspension)/boxed, in late 'deep' issue window box. From The TV & Film Specialist Colleciton.

Corgi toys 267 batmobile dd445 front

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This issue has a lustrous black finish, complete with both seated figures of Batman and Robin, intact straight aerial and bright bat logos on both sides. Intact blue screens. Intact chrome dashboard, bright gold tow hook. Correct that this issue has a fixed flame detail (earlier issues had a pulsating flame effect). Tow hook. Narrow 12-spoke wheels with suspension
Such an iconic Corgi display piece!

Corgi toys 267 batmobile dd445 back

Corgi toys 267 batmobile dd445 base

Couple of minor marks.
The ‘Rainbow’ card and cellophane outer box is complete, bright and clean with intact original cellophane (ruffling). Light wear. Bright yellow inner looks fresh.
No badge or instructions would have been included with this version. Correct that a sprue of missiles are included( 4 off the sprue).

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