Nicky Dinky Toys 144 VW 1500

144 VW 1500 by Nicky Dinky Toys. Metallic red version. Near mint plus/boxed, with luggage. Scarce. From A Phenomenal Collection.

Nicky dinky toys 144 vw 1500 cc962 front

Price: £335.00


Sought after models that are so difficult to find in good condition! Dinky dies were sold to the Indian Firm S. Kumar & Co. trading as Atamco. (1968-70). Often known as Indian-Dinky toys, the finish was poor in comparison.
An original Volkswagen 1500 model finished in metallic red with original hand-painted details, off-white interior, steering wheel, and intact window glazing. Opening bonnet. Shiny spun wheels and well-shaped original treaded tyres.



Shiny black base.
Wear to the paint finish at opening bonnet aperture (where metal contact metal) – and that’s about it!
Deeply-coloured card picture box is complete with all end flaps intact. Some of the usual wear and a tiny tear associated with these fragile boxes.

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