Dinky Toys Gift Set 49 Petrol Pumps

Petrol Pumps by Dinky Toys, Gift Set No. 49. 1st issue with 'PRATTS" Oil Bin. Excellent-near mint/boxed (powder blue issue). Scarce Pre-War Set from The Woodford Green Collection. Starting bid £175. Please note that QDT apply 12.5% buyer's commission.

Price: £275.00

This item is sold.


This is the scarce 1st issue version (dated June 1938) in the powder blue lift-off lid box and ‘PRATTS’ lettering on the Oil Bin.
This five piece set comprises:



1) 49a Bowser Petrol Pump, in green. Near mint (original hook, replacement hose)

2) 49b Wayne Petrol Pump in turquoise. Excellent with some paint ‘blooming’ loss with original hook but, understandably the rubber hose has perished.

3) 49c Theo Petrol Pump, in rich violet blue. Near mint (original hook, but replacement rubber hose included).

4) 49d Shell Petrol Pump, in red. Near mint. Rubber hose has perished (but with original hook).

5) 49e ’PRATTS" Oil Bin, in in deep yellow, with complete lettering. Excellent with some paint marking.
Notably no fatigue to either the pumps, a little crazing to the oil bin.

Lift-off lid box has strong colours and there are no seam splits or repairs. Light marking and a very small part-puncture. A dribble of glue or similar on the lid in one small area. Complete with a very nice decorative card insert into which each item slots. Minor wear only.



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