Corgi Toys 503 Circus Giraffe Transporter

Circus Giraffe Transporter with Giraffes by Corgi Toys, No. 503. Very, very near mint/boxed, with mother & baby giraffes. So scarce late issue in a WINDOW BOX, model with CAST WHEELS. From The Berlin Collection.

Price: £395.00


From the popular range of circus models issued between 1964-70, this is the very scarce late issue with cast wheels (usual issue has spun wheels). In virtually mint condition, this is an exceptional find. Note that both wing mirrors are in place complete with both reflective strips. Bright, fresh and complete “CHIPPERFIELDS CIRCUS” labels on both sides and, of course – two giraffes (one mother and baby)! Deeply-coloured (various shades exist).
Vibrant intense colours of both the model’s paint finish and blue plastic back (often found age-discoloured, this example looks day-one fresh throughout).



Rare to find in the window box. Intact original cellophane. Card has a small rubbed area and a very small area of surface loss on an end flap. Card inner has ‘in the print’ speckling.

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