Dinky Toys 360 Eagle Freighter

Eagle Freighter by Dinky Toys, No. 360 Metallic blue issue with sheet of unapplied labels. MATT central metal section. Very near mint/boxed. Window box issue with POLYSTYRENE inner. Scarce model from The QDT Vault.

Price: £195.00

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Issued between 1975-79, this Eagle Freighter model was inspired by the T.V. Series ‘SPACE 1999. In complete and original condition, this is a fine example in metallic blue and white, with red rear and small side thrusters. Version with a matt metal section beneath the white ’fretwork’. Complete with all four radioactive drums.
Sheet of unapplied labels.
A little exposed edge marks and a few smaller marks besides.
Moulded polystyrene inner is fine and complete.
Attractive window box has intact original cellophane and an unpunched header card. Original cellophane window is intact, if rather ruffled now. Light handling wear at end flaps etc.


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