Corgi Toys 207 Standard Vanguard

Standard Vanguard III Saloon by Corgi Toys, No. 207. Very pale blue-green & deep red INCLUDING WINDOW PILLARS, GLOSS black base. Scarce. Very near mint/boxed. From Christoph's Collection.

Corgi toys 207 standard vanguard saloon m251

Price: £175.00


Issued between 1957-62, this model is in fine original condition in a delicate shade of palest blue-green with a vivid deeper red upper section (i.e. not scarlet red). Flat spun hubs and a shiny black gloss baseplate showing that this model was also available as a mechanical version. Note this issue has red window posts too (also available without red window pillars)
Not an easy find.
Such a pleasing glossy finish.



Nice to see that this example does not have a roof rub! Day-one vivid colours too. Little (factory) smudge of red paint near the rear lights – and that’s about it.
The early pictorial box is complete, strongly coloured with all end flaps intact. A little age/handling wear includes a few light scuffs.