Corgi Toys Gift Set 4 Bloodhound Guided Missile Set

Bloodhound Guided Missile Set by Corgi Toys, Gift Set No. 4. Near mint plus/boxed (wear). With packing. Scarce item from The South London Collection.

Corgi toys gift set 4 bloodhound guided missile set zz921

Price: £375.00

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Issued between 1958-60 and a difficult set to find in any condition. It comprises:

1) Corgi 351 R.A.F. Land Rover. Tin canopy and flat spun wheels, including spare. Tow hook. Near mint plus with a pleasing fresh lustre. Complete with roundel. Just a few little marks away from mint.

2) Corgi 1115 Bristol Ferranti Bloodhound. In near mint condition with the occasional little expected marking to the white finish. Complete with the notably original nose cone (so often replaced since they perish over time). Minor ‘bruising’, as one might expect. Few little marks to the paint.

3) Corgi 1116 Launching Ramp has a few little exposed edge marks. Bright metal parts throughout.

4) Corgi 1117 Bloodhound Loading Trolley. Working well.Close to mint condition with bright metal parts.



The colourful outer box is complete with excellent strong colours. Light wear generally although note that there is a careful seam repair. No graffiti. Note the period shop label.



Packing insert.

Scarce set.