Corgi Toys Gift Set 2096

Motorway Rescue Gift Set by Corgi Toys/Marks & Spencer, No 2096. Scarce 5-Piece Gift Set. Very near mint-very, very near mint/boxed. Starting bid £175. Please note that QDT apply 12.5% buyer's commission.

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An unusual Gift Set, made in collaboration with Marks & Spencer and sold only in selected stores in small quantities. Several Gift Sets were made in the range for a short period (during 1978) with unique liveries and distinctive boxes. No mention of Corgi on the models.



1) Landrover in white and orange with shiny wheels and intact tyres Spare on bonnet. Complete roof rack and ladder at side. Bright ‘POLICE ACCIDENT UNIT’ labels. Very, very near mint.

2)Berliet Rescue Truck in orange & white with complete labels, intact delicate parts. With often missing detachable chain. Little chip to front edge of roof. Very near mint.

3) Jaguar XJ12C POLICE Car, in white with orange side stripe. Intact roof light/siren and EMERGENCY sign. Aerial. Tow hook. Intact shiny bumpers. Complete labels. Detailed light brown interior. Opening doors. Very near mint.

4) Fiat X1/9vin vivid metallic blue, with black details. Tow hook. Opening doors. Very, very near mint.

5) Renault 5TS, in bright yellow with black detail. Complete one-piece wheels/tyres. Opening doors. Light brown interior. Very near mint.

Attractive, pristine colourful card backdrop adds to the appeal.


Delicate moulded plastic tray in which the models sit has a little tear caused by model weight.
Box lid is complete, vibrantly-coloured and clean. Very light wear.
Box base has a repaired corner seam. Light grubbiness.