Spot-on Models 120

Spot-on Models 120 Fiat Multipla. Scarce in vivid SEA-GREEN, red seats, white steering wheel. Very near mint/boxed, with Leaflet. Another First for QDT! From A Phenomenal Collection. Starting bid £200. Please note that QDT apply 12.5% buyer's commission.

Spot on models 120 fiat multipla yy935

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Issued during 1960, this Fiat model has a intense sea-green original paint finish, bright red detailed interior, white steering wheel, silver trim and number plates front and rear.
Open axles and a deep grey base. One-piece wheels and tyres. Intact suspension.

Very close to flawless paint finish.
The card box is complete and bright, with the correct colour spot. Tape repair to an end flap. A little wear besides.