Spot-on 101

Spot-on models 101 Armstrong Siddeley 236. Pink & grey issue. Very near mint/boxed. With promotional Leaflet. Scarce. From A Phenomenal Collection at QDT. Starting bid £200. Please note that QDT apply 12.5% buyer's commission.

Spot on 101 armstrong siddeley yy887

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Issued in 1959, this Armstrong Siddeley Spot-on model has a deep pink and grey finish, an intact bonnet emblem and number plates front and rear (couple of tiny top edge nicks at the rear number plate). Bright red interior, ivory steering wheel.
Displays superbly with barely a mark. Retains its colour vibrancy throughout.

Barely a mark.
The box is complete, if rather worn now (discoloured). Few creases, couple of end flap tears. Promotional leaflet is included.