Corgi 9004

Corgi 9004 World Of Wooster 3 Litre Bentley. Silver spoked wheels version. Very near mint/boxed, with Leaflet. From The Eric Morris Collection.

Corgi toys 9004 world wooster bentley yy660

Price: £145.00

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With figures of Bertie Wooster & Jeeves. Inspired by the P.G. Wodehouse series “The World Of Wooster” which was made into a BBC TV series in the mid 1960’s (Copyright 1966 on the box reverse). The highly-detailed green Bentley is in virtually mint condition. End of the exhaust pipe is a greenish-hue now. Both original figures are included. Silver spoked wheels and fine original tyres.
Very fresh-looking item that has barely been out of its box.

Inner card plinth has a couple of very small wheel slot tears.
Outer bubble & card box has an intact bubble, clear graphics and a crisp feel to the card. Light wear.