Spot-on 104

Spot-on 104 MGA. Scarce in DEEP RED. Near mint/unboxed. & 281 MG Midget, red. Near mint/unboxed. With Picture Card. From The Lincolnshire Collection. Starting bid £100. Please note that QDT apply 12.5% buyer's commission.

This item is sold.


1) 104 MGA in deep red. A more difficult find in deep red (not scarlet red), this MGA model is in original condition with an intact windscreen. Grey interior and a black steering wheel.
Complete number plates. Shiny wheels and well-shaped tyres. Chip on the driver’s door and a few minor marks besides.

2)281 MG Midget, in scarlet red with a white interior, driver figure. Shiny wheels and well-shaped tyres. Complete number plates. A few little marks/rubs only.

Spot on 104 mga x8971