Spot-on Presentation Set 4

Spot-On Presentation Set 4 'Sports Cars'. Near mint -very near mint/boxed (lid wear). Rare set. From A Phenomenal Collection. Starting bid £400. Please note that QDT apply 12.5% buyer's commission.

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A delightful Set from this well-respected (Northern Ireland) diecast manufacturer, with all models made precisely to 1:42 scale.
Gift/Presentation Sets are particularly sought-after and this one containing 4 rather delectable classic Sports Cars is certainly no exception!
Issued during 1963, this Presentation Pack comprises:

Spot on presentation set 4 sports cars x7151

Spot on presentation set 4 sports cars x7152

Spot on presentation set 4 sports cars x7153

1) 104 MGA in red, mid-grey seats. Pleasing glossy paint finish. Windscreen j=has been glued into place at some time (broken securing tab). Silver trim, complete number plates at the front, near complete at the rear. Some of the dashboard detail transfer has rubbed away at one end. Few small bumper marks.

2) 105 Austin-Healey in grey, bright light blue seats. Windscreen glued into place. Complete number plates front and rear.

3) 107 Jaguar XK SS in fawn, with white seats and tonneau. Note that this model was erroneously factory-painted orange (orange paint visible around rivets and where the model has been chipped at baseplate rim). Little chip at bonnet edge too. Factory-painted in rare fawn.
Intact windscreen, complete number-plates front and rear. Wonderfully glossy paint finish. All original and very rare colour variation.

4) 108 Triumph TR3 in turquoise, grey seating. Another close to mint example, with an intact windscreen and a pleasing glossy finish. Complete number plate at the rear (only). Scuff to the front number-plate section.

Inner card tray presents well with intact fresh and clean card (no tears, no parts missing, *no graffiti).

Spot on presentation set 4 sports cars x7155

Box base has wear and edge scuffing (heavy in one corner with red ink applied at some time to disguise).
Lid is complete and bright but note notable puncture repair. Edge rubbing and a carefully repaired corner split.

Spot on presentation set 4 sports cars x7157

Spot on presentation set 4 sports cars x7158