Corgi Gift Set 31

Corgi Gift Set 31 The 'Riviera' Gift Set. Very near mint/boxed, with Leaflet. 1st issue version with the light blue Riviera. From The Cologne Collection.


Price: £325.00

This item is no longer for sale, price for reference only.


This popular Set was made between 1965-68, and comprises:




i) Corgi 245 Buick Riviera in light blue (so 1st issue) with a bright red detailed interior. Suspension on spoked wheels. Intact (early version) tow hook.

Pleasing sheen to the original paint finish. Very close to mint. Front edge of the roof immediately above the windscreen has tiny flaking of paint probably due to rough casting. Hard to fault otherwise.

ii) Trailer is in very close to mint condition. Occasional tiny mark. All original paint finish.

iii) Corgi 104 Dolphin Cabin Cruiser is in fresh, bright and clean condition, with a complete label (tiny age grubbiness). Includes original Captain figure, intact outboard motor and propellor.
This tows the original skier on the original plastic water scene attachment.
Colourful card stand is clean, crisp and fresh with vivid colours.
Both pull-out tabs are present and tear-free. Removal of old tape at one side has caused a small strip of surface loss at a short end.
Crisp card and no slot tears.
The outer box with its wonderfully atmospheric artwork is bright and complete. Crisp feel. Subtle surface tear emanating from one end flap on a non-picture side. Small tear besides.
Light wear. Period pencilled price on an end flap.



Instruction Leaflet:


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