2 x Corgi Super Juniors 2006/2014 'ESSO HUMBLE' & 'IMPERIAL SMELTING RTZ' . Very near mint/boxed. Rare factory sample pieces from The Monty Calme Collection.


Price: £195.00

This item is no longer for sale, price for reference only.


These promotional models never went into full production, so extremely rare items either unique sample pieces or part of a very small run. Fortunately, Monty managed to discover a batch of these promotional models. He says:
I met a chap after buying many corgi juniors some in very rare colour combinations, 7- 8 years ago whose uncle used to work in quality control in the factory in Swansea.
Every summer they used to go on a camping holiday with other Corgi employees! One such chap worked in the production/design office and he created these various designs.
My contact was a youngster at the time and together with his brother and as a result of their uncle were given these models by the chap working in the production office as gifts

Both models are in in mint, unused condition with complete transfers throughout. in superb fresh, crisp boxes (tiny wear). Period note on a green label on one of them. Each has a unique number label on the model underside.

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