Fordson Power Major Tractor & Four Furrow Plough. With Instruction Leaflet. Near mint/boxed. From a very fine private Cheshire collection.

Price: £195.00

This item is no longer for sale, price for reference only.


This early two-piece Gift Set is in near mint condition, complete with driver. Made in 1964, this item has controlled steering and lifting mechanism. The plough has plated shares, (few rubs to the plating).
Delicate Fordson Power Major transfers are complete on both sides of the tractor. Intact and complete chimney stack too!

Cgs13x533 1

Subtle, hard to notice retouch on the bonnet and three little marks head-on. One mark at the base of the steering wheel and a couple of marks besides.

Box inner card plinth is complete, with a crisp feel to the bright yellow card. Couple of little tears at two wheel slots. As-made print ‘staining’ on one side through the lettering.
The outer box looks very fresh indeed with strong vibrant colours. The pictorial farming scene makes an attractive backdrop for the two piece set.
It is difficult to negotiate this two piece set in and out of its box with the inner stand too and this has resulted in a seam tear at two of the little end flaps. Shopkeeper’s pencilled price on one box face.
The nearly always missing Instruction Leaflet is included, which incorporates the Corgi Club Membership Form.

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