Corgi Gift Set 25 Shell BP Garage Set. Excellent (1 car)- very near mint/boxed. Rare set! From a very fine private Cheshire collection.


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One of the most difficult and sought-after Corgi Gift Sets.




Issued between 1963-66, this remarkable set comes with the intact original mat and paints (lacks glue and paint brush) and comprises:
1) Corgi 224 Bentley Continental Sports Saloon. Excellent condition (only) with some rubs to the chrome and a couple of marks to the paint finish besides – but an intact bonnet emblem and suspension! Box is complete and bright. Minor handling wear and a shopkeeper’s price on one box face. Corgi Club Membership Form.
2) Corgi 225 Austin Seven. Lovely lustre to the paint finish. Near mint condition with a chip on the roof and a couple of small marks besides. Box is very crisp, bright and fresh. Minor ruffle to an end flap edge. Corgi Club Membership Form.
3) Corgi 229 Chevrolet Corvair. Very near mint. Lovely box, but a fleck of surface removal at an end flap. Corgi Club Membership Form.
4) Corgi 234 Ford Consul Classic. Very near mint condition but one little touch-in (hard to notice). Box is bright, complete and clean. Small rubbed area at an end fap where a price has been erased. Corgi Club Membership Form.
5) Corgi 419 Ford Zephyr Motorway Patrol. With early small blue roof light, perfect ‘POLICE’ transfer and straight intact aerial. Very near mint condition, with a couple of faint marks only. Box is crisp, bright and complete, with intact packing piece. Faint dollar price at an end flap.




3 × 601 Batley “Leofric” Garages Kits. Bagged with Instructions inside.

1 × 602 AA & RAC Telephone Boxes Kit. Bagged with Instructions inside.

2 × 606 Corgi Lamp Standards. Bagged with Instructions inside.

1 × 608 Shell Filling Station Building. With Instructions and all accessories.

1 × 609 Shell Filling Station Forecourt Accessories. Bagged with Instructions.

1 × 1505 Garage Attendants Scale Figures. Unused on sprue. Cellophane-fronted box has intact original window. Couple of light creases to the card and a shopkeeper’s price.

Unused set of the original Humbrol Paints. Card sleeve has a couple of carefully repaired tears.



Large sturdy outer box is quite bright with no seam tears. No graffiti. Strip of paper loss across the lid and a couple of smaller paper losses besides. Carefully repaired tear to the paper label in one top corner section. Remnants of the old sellotape which kept the box lid closed. Some grubbiness to the lid and a small storage tear at one side of the base.



A notable addition to any Corgi collection. A very difficult find indeed.

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