Corgi Gift Set 5S. British Racing Cars. Near mint-very near mint/box wear, but complete. Scarce. From a very fine private Cheshire collection.


Price: £450.00

This item is no longer for sale, price for reference only.


This is the second issue with suspension of the scarce Racing Cars Set. Issued between 1962-63. It comprises:
1) Corgi 150s Vanwall Racing Car, in bright red finish. Racing number 25 transfer is fine. Vanwall lettering is complete to. Driver. Intact screen. Spun wheels with applied Corgi stickers (can be removed if required). Very near mint with a just a few easily overlooked tiny marks.
2) Corgi 151 Lotus XI Le Mans Racing Car. Vivid blue finish with red interior. Flat spun wheels. In near mint condition, with intact headlights, screen and driver. Red seats. Racing number 3. Few speckled marks to the transfer. Minor dot or two to the paint finish.
3) Corgi 152s B.R.M. Formula 1 Grand Prix Racing Car in turquoise with flat spun wheels with suspension. Very near mint condition with a complete racing number and Union Jack flag on the bonnet. Driver, intact screen.




The polystyrene upper and lower packing pieces in which all three cars fit have minor wear only, including a very small portion (1cm x 1cm) of the lower piece between a wheel slot missing.


The outer box is colourful and complete, although there are a couple of tears at end flaps. Grubbiness and handling wear besides. Complete Corgi labels on the box end and side. Corgi Club Membership Form is included.



A delightful Gift Set!