Dinky Gift Set 1 Commercial Vehicles. A very rare early export set! Generally near mint-very near mint/boxed. One of the key items from the vast Dinky collection we are handling.


Price: £3,500.00

This item is no longer for sale, price for reference only.


An extremely scarce, museum-grade Gift Set made between 1946-48.
The first example we have ever handled. The vibrant outer box in particular is so attractive; the strong deep blue patterned ‘wall paper’ style lid has survived very well indeed with a complete colourful Dinky label too. Hudson Dobson export label is intact and very vivid.




Box underside:


Remains of the original tape (used to seal the box) at one side. Minor age wear only.
Complete with original inner which is as fine as can be.


Very scarce export set – dollar pencilled price on the inside of the lid.
Contents are really very nice too. This is not a later ‘made-up’ set. All the contents are original to this set and are in near mint-very near mint condition.


1) Dinky 25B Covered Wagon, bright green with dark green tin tilt. Black chassis. Tow hook. Intact radiator & headlight assembly. Black ridged wheels. 20 mph label at rear. Very near mint.
2) Dinky 29C 1st type AEC Double Deck Bus in red & cream. Near mint plus condition with some light rubbing top the red finish at the side bottom edge, and around wheel arches. Black ridged wheels. Bright metal parts.
3) Dinky 29D Petrol Tank Wagon in dark green with a black chassis. Lovely lustre! Bright radiator & headlight assembly, bright metal parts including axle ends. 20 mph label. Black ridged wheels. One chip on the roof.
4) Dinky 25E Tipper Truck. Pale grey, black chassis, tow hook, black ridged wheels. Intact radiator & headlight assembly. Very bright metal parts. Near mint. A few little dots/light wear at the rear of the cab roof. Occasional mark at truck side edges. Couple of marks at a wheel arch or two besides.
5) Dinky 25F Market Gardener’s Lorry. Vibrant yellow finish with a black chassis. Tow hook. 20 mph label. Bright and intact radiator & headlight assembly. Very near mint.








In summary, all contents are notably originals to this set, all are in original condition with no repainting. All look unused and very fresh with bright metal parts, and a lustrous finish.
Quite special!