Dinky Toys 942 Foden 14-Ton Tanker 'REGENT'

Foden 14-Ton Tanker 'REGENT' by Dinky Toys, No. 942. Near mint plus/boxed. Issued during 1956. From The Ian Hewlett Collection.

Dinky supertoys 942 regent tanker hh106 front

Price: £275.00


This shining bright tanker was issued during 1956 (Dinky stamp inside the box lid). Very nearly complete ‘REGENT’ lettering on both sides (as well as a little of the minor marking to the white background to the lettering), and no dents or crazing to the tank.
Rear label is fine too (save for a few tiny edge nicks):

Dinky supertoys 942 regent tanker hh106 back

Dinky supertoys 942 regent tanker hh106 base

An honest example with a wonderful sheen! Occasional little mark (at some wheel arches for instance) , whilst the cab is virtually mint.
Note the discolouration at some of the tyres now. Probably would benefit from a careful clean.
The striped Supertoys box is brightly-coloured and complete. Light grubby stain and note the remains of a price label at one end (no surface loss at this site). Rusty staples. Very small fleck of surface loss at one long side of the lid. Vibrant colours and that includes the box base. No tears or repairs.

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