French Dinky Toys 24T 2 C.V. Citroen

2 C.V. Citroen by French Dinky, No. 24T. RAREST ISSUE in two-tone blue, with CREAM CONVEX wheels from late 1958/early 1959. Near mint/boxed. From The Swiss-French Collection.

French dinky 24t 2 cv citroen hh70 front

Price: £2,250.00


This particular version was issued at the end of the production run (24T) before the re-numbering to 535 in 1959. It bears some of the features of the 24T version i.e. cream convex wheels, whilst being finished in the later two-tone blue colours. Model has 3 rear lights.
One of a very small production run having features of both 24T and the later 535 numbering.

French dinky 24t 2 cv citroen hh70 back

French dinky 24t 2 cv citroen hh70 base

For information only – please see this model (centre) alongside both the earlier 24T version (in grey) and the later 535 version (all currently for sale separately).

French dinky 24t 2 cv citroen hh70 compare

Untarnished base with smooth-running original tyres.
Several small marks to the paint finish.

Presented in a crisp and bright card box with lots of end flap spring. Very minor wear.

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