French Dinky Toys 1425E Matra 630

Matra 630 by French Dinky 1425E. Very, very near mint/boxed, with unused accessories. Rare early card box with instruction leaflet, leaflet & set of transfers with backing sheet. From The Reference Collection.

French dinky toys 1425e matra 630 gg994 front

Price: £225.00


An exciting French Dinky racing model with a detailed original finish in mid-blue with racing number 5 labels.
A beauty!

French dinky toys 1425e matra 630 gg994 back

French dinky toys 1425e matra 630 gg994 base

So rare in this early box presentation! Slimmest of card boxes also contains a set of unapplied transfers, with protective sheet, small Instruction Slip and promotional leaflet.

Later issues would also contain a traffic sign, although it is quite obvious that this early issue would never have had one – it is not mentioned on the box and apart from this there simply would be no room for it in the box! Snuggest fit, typical of French Dinky card boxes.
This rare box is clean and bright, with no tears or graffiti. Tiniest wear.

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