Dinky Toys 697 25-Pounder Field Gun Set

25-Pounder Field Gun Set by Dinky Toys, No. 697. Near mint plus/boxed. With card packing. Dated 1960. From The Island Collection.

Dinky toys 697 25 pounder field gun set gg854 front

Price: £165.00


This three-part military Gift Set comprises:
1) Dinky 688 Field Artillery Tractor, with spare wheel and tow hook. Military green finish, tarnishing to baseplate. Squadron markings.
2) Dinky 687 Trailer or Limber

3) *Dinky 686 25-Pounder Field Gun.

Dinky toys 697 25 pounder field gun set gg854 back

Dinky toys 697 25 pounder field gun set gg854 base

All housed in a strongly-coloured, early lift-off lid display box. Remains of the original tape which kept the lid closed. Light wear.
Plinth has light grubbiness/marking from the models.
Card packing piece.

Dinky toys 697 25 pounder field gun set gg854 box

A core piece for the Dinky military collector.

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