Corgi Toys 430 Ford Thunderbird Bermuda Taxi

Ford Thunderbird Bermuda Taxi by Corgi Toys, No. 430. Lime green & red canopy. Near mint plus/boxed. From The Ian Hewlett Collection.

Corgi toys 430 bermuda taxi gg654 front

Price: £150.00


First issued during 1962, this Ford Thunderbird car is finished in white with a bright deep yellow interior. Complete lime green and red detachable canopy, driver.

Corgi toys 430 bermuda taxi gg654 back

Corgi toys 430 bermuda taxi gg654 base

Occasional little mark on this most unforgiving of colours. Two stray dots of factory silver on a rear wing. Little minor marking to the small section of the windscreen in contact with the driver’s arm. ‘TAXI’ and ‘BERMUDA’ labels are complete, although note the little crease to one of the door labels.
Spring suspension on bright shaped spun hubs. Smooth running original tyres.
The box is complete, clean and bright, feeling crisp. Light wear and corner crumpling.
Not an easy find.

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