French Dinky Toys 23J Ferrari Racing Car

Ferrari Racing Car by French Dinky Toys, No. 23J. Near mint plus/boxed. EARLY issue with SMOOTH grille detail. Scarce. Racing number 3. From The Catania Collection.

French dinky toys 23j ferrari gg470 front

Price: £150.00

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This French Dinky racer is in pleasing, all original condition with a deep red lustrous original finish, white driver and racing number 5 (complete). Early issue with smooth grille (no cross-hatching). Bright hubs generally (minor tarnishing in places). Bright baseplate. Black tyres are well-shaped.

French dinky toys 23j ferrari gg470 back

French dinky toys 23j ferrari gg470 base

Few minor marks to the paint finish.
The complete card box is bright, crisp and clean. Tiny puncture caused by the driver’s head on one side. Minor handling wear besides.

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