Dinky Toys 62K The King's Aeroplane

The King's Aeroplane by Dinky Toys, No. 62K. Rare Pre War Dinky. Very near mint/boxed. With GLIDING Leaflet. From The Cologne Collection.

Dinky toys 62k king's aeroplane gg270 front

Price: £325.00



Scarce – it has been a while since QDT have offered one of these pre-war Dinky aeroplanes for sale.
The King’s Aeroplane model is in very near mint condition. It is structurally sound and complete. Vibrant original paint finish with all delicate parts intact.
Gives the impression that this little Dinky box and aeroplane have remained tucked away in a drawer for decades!

Dinky toys 62k king's aeroplane gg270 back

Dinky toys 62k king's aeroplane gg270 base

The box is dated February 1938, so this is an early issue. Tiny wear – far less than you would expect. Also included is the little wire clip and Gliding Leaflet:

Dinky toys 62k king's aeroplane gg270 box

Dinky toys 62k king's aeroplane gg270 box 1

Gliding leaflet

One of the rarer Dinky aircraft, especially boxed.

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