Dinky Toys 360 Eagle Freighter

Eagle Freighter by Dinky Toys, No. 360. Version with RED thrusters. Very near mint/boxed. From The Off-shore Collection.

Dinky toys 360 eagle freighter gg12 front

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Issued between 1975-79, this model was inspired by the T.V. Series ‘SPACE 1999’. In complete and original condition, finished in red and white, with all four radioactive drums (labels are complete and fresh-looking). Chrome details are fine.
In very close to mint condition, this is the version with red thrusters at the rear and a red lower section.

Dinky toys 360 eagle freighter gg12 back

Dinky toys 360 eagle freighter gg12 base

Occasional tiny dot to the paint finish. Probably as-made.
An early issue, so it is presented in the card and vacuum-formed plastic lid-style box. (later it would be presented in the card & cellophane box). Issued 1975-79.
Card base is bright and crisp.
Almost always susceptible to damage, the original plastic lid has one small edge tear and rather cloudy now. Period price label.

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