Dinky Toys 696 Leopard Anti-Aircraft Tank

Leopard Anti-Aircraft Tank by Dinky Toys, No. 696. Very, very near mint/boxed. Complete with missiles, unapplied labels & Quality Control number. With one owner from new!

Dinky toys 696 leopard anti aircraft tank ff902 front

Price: £125.00

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Issued from 1975, this fine military model has a deep green original paint finish, intact tracks and both aerials in place. Impressive on display.

Dinky toys 696 leopard anti aircraft tank ff902 back

Dinky toys 696 leopard anti aircraft tank ff902 base

Both sprues of missiles still stowed within the card plinth, transfer sheet and Dinky Quality Control Slip.
Fresh, clean and bright card plinth (minor grubbiness to underside). Intact clear bubble lid. Period shop price label.

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