Dinky Toys 38B Sunbeam Talbot Sports

Sunbeam Talbot Sports by Dinky Toys, No. 38B. Bright red, maroon tonneau, red wheels. Very near mint/never boxed individually. Scarce. From The Reference Collection of fine Dinky.

Dinky toys 38b sunbeam talbot ff913 front

Price: £300.00

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A striking example of the Sunbeam Talbot Sports in very close to mint condition with a glossy, unfaded bright red finish, silver trim, notably intact original screen, shiny black baseplate, red ridged wheels, shiny button-ended axles. Well-shaped original smooth tyres.

Dinky toys 38b sunbeam talbot ff913 back

Dinky toys 38b sunbeam talbot ff913 base

Occasional small mark to the all original paint finish.

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