Dinky Supertoys 905 Foden Flat Truck with chains

Foden Flat Truck with chains by Dinky Supertoys, No.905. With domed chain post bosses, from 1956. Very near mint/boxed. Hudson Dobson U.S. export labelled box. From The Ground Crew Collection.

Dinky supertoys 905 chain foden ff636 front

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Dated 1956 (Dinky stamp inside the box lid), this is an impressive, classic Dinky commercial truck. In complete and original condition, this Dinky Foden comes in a shining green finish with all chain posts intact and unbroken, original chain.
Super display piece!

Dinky supertoys 905 foden chain ff636 back

Dinky supertoys 905 foden chain ff636 base

Mark at a couple of wheel arches visible if you peer at the truck closely. It is worth stressing that this example is all original – there is some rough casting to one side edge of the flat bed. Bright baseplate and metal parts generally.
The striped Dinky Toys box is complete and bright with no splits or graffiti. Deep coloured base without a trace of sunfading and no shelf rubbing on the underside either. Small fleck of surface loss on the lid and a period price label at an end flap cannot be removed since it causes surface loss. LF (Lead-free) label on the box. Originally exported to U.S. , this box still bears the U.S. export label (complete).
A sought-after Dinky classic in all original condition.

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