French Dinky Toys 70 Covered Trailer

Covered Trailer by French Dinky Toys, No. 70. Red & green version with CONCAVE wheels. A First for QDT! Very, very near mint/boxed. From The Berlin Collection.

French dinky toys 70 trailer ff371 front

Price: £125.00



A gleaming bright covered trailer which is obviously unused, finished in deep red with a well-shaped, undented dark green tinplate cover. Bright metal parts including the button-ended axles. Original tyres are supple and well-shaped. Note this version has concave wheels.

French dinky toys 70 trailer ff371 back

French dinky toys 70 trailer ff371 base

Virtually mint.
The box is bright and complete, with quite a crisp feel. Later this model would be re-numbered 810 (in 1959).810 is penned on an end flap. Minor age/handling wear.

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