French Dinky Toys 531 Fiat 1200 "Grande Vue"

Fiat 1200 "Grande Vue" by French Dinky Toys, No. 531. Metallic bronze & cream. CONCAVE wheels. Scarce. Very near mint/boxed. From The Catania Collection.

French dinky toys 531 fiat 1200 grande vue ff310 front

Price: £110.00


This is the slightly later version issued between 1960-62. This Fiat model has a distinctive and pleasing metallic bronze finish with a cream roof, silver trim and shiny concave wheels. Well-shaped tyres.

French dinky toys 531 fiat 1200 grande vue ff310 back

Shiny base.

French dinky toys 531 fiat 1200 grande vue ff310 base

A few minor marks only.
The box is complete, clean and has quite a crisp feel. Light wear includes a very small tear.

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