Dinky Toys 980 Coles Hydra Truck

Coles Hydra Truck by Dinky Toys, No. 980. Very near mint/boxed. With polystyrene packing wedge, box printed instructions. Scarce 2nd issue in ORANGE from The Reference Collection.

Dinky toys 980 coles hydra truck ff229 front

Price: £145.00


Harder to find 2nd issue in orange and black, this Coles Hydra Truck has one side and one rear handle.
Bright fresh ‘Coles’ labels. Looks unused. In very close to mint condition (couple of negligible marks).
Chevron label at the rear has a couple of corner creases.

Dinky toys 980 coles hydra truck ff229 back

Dinky toys 980 coles hydra truck ff229 base

With polystyrene packing wedge.

Dinky toys 980 coles hydra truck ff229 polystyrene packing

The colourful end flap card box is especially prone to wear given the weight of this truck. This example has lightest wear, notably.
Instructions on this second issue are printed on the box side.

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