Dinky Toys 521 Bedford Articulated Lorry

Bedford Articulated Lorry by Dinky Toys, No.521. Deep yellow & black, red wheels. With combination of ridged & Supertoy wheels and no window glazing. T FOR TRAILER TRANSFER AT REAR. Very near mint/boxed. From The Reference Collection.

Dinky supertoys 521 bedfrod artic f224 front

Price: £175.00


Vivid deep yellow finish with black wings on the Supertoy model. Combination of red ridged wheels & Supertoy wheels. Combination of smooth tyres and radial tyres. Smooth spare tyre. ‘Dinky SUPERTOYS’ on the base. Made between 1950-54. Complete with both lights, tow hook and ‘T’ transfer at rear (only early examples have this detail).

Dinky supertoys 521 bedfrod artic f224 back

Dinky supertoys 521 bedfrod artic f224 base

Occasional little mark and a small area of rough casting.
The blue card box is strongly-coloured with a bright and complete paper label. A little age/handling wear.

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