Corgi Classics 9021 1910 Daimler

1910 Daimler by Corgi Classics, No. 9021. Very, very near mint/boxed, with packing foam & leaflet. From The Bluehouse Collection.

Corgi classics 9021 1910 daimler ee975 front

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An eye-catching first issue Corgi classic model from the original Corgi Classic range made between 1964-69. The Corgi fire actually brought the production of this range to a close in 1969.

This highly-detailed car has a vibrant orange-red paint finish and has remained in its crisp, bright box for the majority of the last fifty or so years.

Corgi classics 9021 1910 daimler ee975 back

Corgi classics 9021 1910 daimler ee975 base

Brightest silver radiator and pale gold headlights. Complete with all four detailed figures seated inside. Quite delightful – and in virtually mint condition.
Complete with packing foam and leaflet.

Corgi classics 9021 1910 daimler ee975 leaflet

Attractively illustrated box has tiny wear. Period price label.

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