Dinky Toys 665 Honest John Missile Launcher

Honest John Missile Launcher by Dinky Toys, No. 665. With GREY & BLACK missile. Very scarce! Near mint plus/boxed. From The Reference Collection.

Dinky toys 665 honest john missile launcher ee954 front

Price: £150.00

This item is sold.


Model is close to mint with a pleasing military green finish. However, there are a couple of chip son the roof and another smaller mark on the bonnet.
A First for QDT – this model has an original grey plastic missile with a black (well-shaped) tip.

Dinky toys 665 honest john missile launcher ee954 back

Dinky toys 665 honest john missile launcher ee954 base

The model sits on a light blue plinth with a black border and has a clear, complete and supple bubble top. Note that there is a small corner split low down on one side.

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