Dinky Toys 521/921 Bedford Articulated Lorry

Dinky 521/921 Bedford Articulated Lorry. Very near mint/in dual-numbered box. From The Reference Collection.

Dinky toys 921 articulated lorry ee957 front

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This version has a lustrous deep orange-yellow finish, black wings, black platform & coupling area, red ridged hubs to the cab, grooved to the trailer (all correct) and “Dinky TOYS” on the base. This is a transition issue from 1954 (note the dual-numbering on the box).
Correct that there is no window glazing on this issue and this is the slightly later fuel tank with shaped cast section of the platform extending over the top of the fuel tank.

Dinky toys 921 articulated lorry ee957 back

Dinky toys 921 articulated lorry ee957 base

Occasional negligible mark to the paint and notably no touch-ins!
The scarce transition box is bright with clean colours, with light wear only. One of the staples is tarnished.

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