Spot-on Models 165 Vauxhall Cresta

Vauxhall Cresta from Spot-on Models 165. BRIGHT TURQUOISE BLUE, cream interior. Scarce. Very near mint/unboxed. From The Coastline Collection.

Spot on models 165 vauxhall cresta ee916 front

Price: £195.00

This item is sold.


A handsome Vauxhall Cresta classic car! Issued during 1961, this Vauxhall Cresta model has a wonderfully fresh and intense bright turquoise blue finish, with a cream interior, chrome trim, complete number plates front and rear, bright spun wheels and treaded tyres (faintest flat spot).

Spot on models 165 vauxhall cresta ee916 back

Spot on models 165 vauxhall cresta ee916 base

Minor chrome rubbing.

Spot on close up

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