French Dinky Toys 586 Citroen 55 Milk Lorry

Citroen 55 Milk Lorry by French Dinky Toys, No. 586. Mid-blue & white issue. Very near mint/boxed. Complete with all 30 milk crates. Scarce. From The Reference Collection of fine Dinky.

French dinky toys 586 citroen 55 laitier milk truck ee910 front

Price: £450.00


Issued between 1961-65, this sought-after French Dinky Citroen model is in very close to mint condition with a fresh light blue and white paint finish, blue metal wheels, suspension and window glazing. Looking as-new original tyres and a shiny baseplate. All metal parts, including axle ends, are shiny. Comes with the full complement of 30 little plastic milk crates.

French dinky toys 586 citroen 55 laitier milk truck ee910 back

Note the original tape which kept the crates in situ.
So prone to chipping this model has fared better than many with no touch-ins or discolouration.
A couple of the little side rails have a slight bend.
The attractive blue and yellow picture box is clean, fresh and bright. Light wear only. Presents well.

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