Corgi Toys 324 Marcos Volvo 1800

Marcos 1800 G.T. with Volvo engine by Corgi Toys, No. 324. Harder to find mid-blue version. With sheet of racing numbers. Very near mint/boxed. Fine box! From The Coastline Collection.

Corgi toys 324 marcos 1800 gt ee796 front

Price: £165.00



A most attractive, and unusual bright mid-blue colour finish with two complete white stripes.

Corgi toys 324 marcos 1800 gt ee796 back 1

Corgi toys 324 marcos 1800 gt ee796 base

Issued during 1966-69, this Marcos model has opening doors and bonnet which reveals a detailed engine. Detailed spoked wheels, a moulded interior which is very pale blue, and as-new tyres with ‘Corgi Toys’ embossed. Occasional negligible mark.
Sheet of racing numbers included.
The blue and yellow picture box is clean, bright and fresh. Crisp. Very nice indeed. Corgi Club Membership Form.
Harder to find colour issue.

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