Corgi Toys 490 Volkswagen Breakdown Truck

Volkswagen Breakdown Truck by Corgi Toys, No. 490. In avocado with CAST WHEELS & MID-BLUE 'BREAKDOWN SERVICE' paper labels with Corgi Dog logo. Superb box! A First for QDT! Very, very near mint/boxed. From The Valencia Distributor Collection.

Corgi toys 490 volkswagen breakdown  truck cc441 front

Price: £450.00

This item is no longer for sale, price for reference only.


Possibly unique. It appears that some prototypes and factory samples were sent to this Valencia distributor back in the day. We assume that he would test the market response overseas?
We have no more further information on this at present unfortunately.
This unused virtually mint Corgi model has a gleaming original avocado paint finish, with a red VW emblem, detailed cast wheels, and a mid-blue label with Corgi Dog logo and Breakdown Service lettering below on both sides (as pictured on the box). Original nylon tyres with Corgi tyres embossed. Opening red toolbox and plated fittings. Two spare tyres.
Rear chevron label. Silver tow hook.
This particular label would be found on Corgi 477 Landrover Breakdown Truck (1965-68). Corgi 490 VW Breakdown Truck 1966- 1972 (this is the late issue with cast wheels).

Corgi toys 490 volkswagen breakdown  truck cc441 back

Corgi toys 490 volkswagen breakdown  truck cc441 base

Virtually mint.
The box is exceptional; strongly-coloured, fresh and complete. Note the period label on an end flap.

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